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Welcome to Beverly Hills Animal Removers, your professional choice for all types of animal trapping and animal removal services. If you are a home or business owner in the Beverly Hills area and have a wild animal or rodent on your property, we are the company you can trust. With over 20 years of experience, we are ready for any situation or animal that you have needing to be removed. Call us at 877-724-5314 to learn more.

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Unfortunately, animals, rodents, reptiles and other creatures will never make an announced visit. Although these wild animals and rodents arrive at the most unexpected times, you can rest easy knowing that our company is always ready to help. Whether you have a known problem or you just had a citing of a snake, opossum or other animal, we can get right out to your home or business. The longer you let a problem go on with gophers, moles or another type of animal, the more risk there is of structural damage, property damage or damage to underground wiring.

Since our establishment, our company has gained the respect and trust of home and business owners all throughout the local area. Common problems you may have could be with bees, bats, birds, snakes and even squirrels. The world is an unpredictable place and there is know telling when you will run into a wild creature on your property. Whether you've got a tarantula on your property or you have a bee hive, our professionals area able to handle any situation that you have. Trying to trap an animal on your own can be extremely dangerous, sometimes leading to an infectious bite. Don't put yourself or anybody else in risk by trying to capture a canine, coyote, snake or other wild animal.

Here at Beverly Hills Animal Removers, we aim to earn your trust from the minute you contact us. Whether you would like to schedule an appointment for removal or you are dealing with an emergency, we welcome your call right here at 877-724-5314 to speak with our friendly staff. As every situation is different, prices do vary. However, if you have a competitor quote for animal trapping and animal removal services, we guarantee that we will beat it. Our company is fully licensed and insured which means we the experts to handle any animal trapping situation. We proudly serve residents in Malibu, Ventura, Torrance, Beverly Hills and many other surrounding areas.


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